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Our Mission:

To empower medical providers with clinical decision support for accurate and early identification, evaluation, and reporting of child maltreatment, while actively addressing racial disproportionality.

Our Vision:

To reduce child maltreatment-related morbidity and mortality by integrating child abuse clinical decision support into standard clinical practice in the U.S. healthcare system.

Our Values:

Children deserve a childhood free from violence and neglect.

Early identification of and intervention for child maltreatment will save lives.

Clinical decision support for maltreatment allows professionals to collaborate with caregivers to ensure safe environments where children can thrive.

Timely and accurate recognition of maltreatment is a fundamental component of high quality pediatric healthcare.

Evidence-based and uniform assessment of maltreatment will reduce racial disproportionality.

The Child Abuse Clinical Decision Support (CA-CDS) Consortium

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